Winter 2017-18

Daily strategies for living well with MS.


En aumento

Concienciar sobre el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la EM entre latinos e hispanos.

Susan B. Trachman

In living color

Take a a look inside this MRI art series called “My Psychedelic Brain” by artist… Read More

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Readers sound off on travel, accepting help and owning their MS symptoms.

Nancy Wendirad

On the rise

Bringing awareness to MS diagnosis and treatment among Latinos and Hispanics.

Vocal control

Tools with voice-command can help households run smoother.

Fun and games

Technology can help improve balance.

Modern approaches

Dr. Alan J. Thompson pioneers groundbreaking MS research.

Qualifying for benefits

Applying for disability under the new rules.

Beyond RX

Self-care can help ease MS symptoms.

Office accommodations

How to handle adjustments—and coworker reactions—in the workplace.