Winter 2018-19

The latest news and insights on MS.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Readers sound off on treatment centers, support networks and symptoms.

Fighting for high-quality health care

The Society works to make sure policymakers understand what people affected by MS need.


New MS treatment guidelines

Updated recommendations aim to give you a bigger say in how you manage your disease.

Judy Boone

Exercising your options

Physical activity may help ease MS symptoms.


Still dope

The women of WeAreILLmatic portray a powerful MS community.

new phase

A new phase

A diagnosis of secondary progressive MS can be scary, but there are strategies to help… Read More


Sleep tight

Researchers try to find ways to help people with MS get a good night’s rest.


A better look

Frederik Barkhof, MD, has advanced the use of MRI to understand MS.

Gina Daddazio

On the move

Assistive devices can help people with MS stay active. But learning to accept them can… Read More

Cheryl HIle

Run the world

Cheryl Hile has completed marathons on every continent while raising money for MS.