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A Back to School Prayer for Families

By Elissa Dickey
September 10, 2019

May I have enough energy this year—parents need so much energy to navigate the demands of the school year, without pesky MS fatigue slowing them down.

So, may my fatigue not keep me from my children’s school activities, sporting events and dance recitals. May the hot weather not keep me from game days, or track and field days. May my medical appointments not conflict with those activities or events.
May my health have no major setbacks this year. But if I do relapse—if I’m forced to take a new medication again or face additional challenges—then may I have the forethought to talk to my kids’ teachers in case it affects them in ways I don’t realize. May I not have to wonder, as I have in the past, whether I should have said something (was the disruption in my health the cause for distraction at school, or difficulty with homework?).
But may I not dwell on the mistakes of the past. Instead, may I focus on the year ahead, on what my kids need to succeed in school, in life.
May the lessons my children have learned from our journey with my illness carry through to their school days. May they be kind to others who are struggling, and show compassion to classmates who need a helping hand. May they be patient and understanding with others, knowing they might be fighting battles they cannot see.
May my children recognize when they need a break and know it’s okay to ask for help when they need it. May I recognize when my kids need those moments—when they need a break from homework, or help navigating the challenges of childhood.
May they know that I am here for them, always. Even on the worst days of this disease, I will continue to be there when my kids need to talk, or when they need help with homework, or another problem.
May there be no dark times, but if there are, may my kids be resilient—may they persevere, knowing that there will always be light at the other side of the darkness. May they know that I will be there with them every step of the way.
May this disease not steal any precious moments—not too many, anyway. MS has taken enough, let us have our joy this year: the everyday moments of reading together, playing games, watching movies; and the bigger moments, whether it be a victory on the football field or applause at the end of a tap dance routine. May I be there for it all.
May I be the mother they deserve, this school year and always.

Elissa Dickey

Elissa Dickey lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota with her husband and children. A former journalist, she is now an author who also works in communications at a university. Her debut novel, The Speed of Light, published March 1, 2021, with Lake Union Publishing.

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