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By Ishita Parekh
April 27, 2020

My second solo trip to my hometown was during the peak of summer from April to May in India. One day, I went to visit my aunt. I sat on a sofa and after a chit-chat, my eyes were on the stairs in front of me that had no railing. In the past, I was scared to climb those stairs because of my MS symptoms.

But that day I did not have the same fear, and when my aunt went inside, I started climbing up.

With every single step, my focus was on my balance, equilibrium and posture. Some inner force was pushing me to continue and not give up—I used the wall for support. To my surprise, I managed to climb all 20 steps. Coming down was also comfortable. Hurray!

We take so many things for granted and climbing some stairs without a railing was a challenge for me… that I accepted. I had a goal in my mind to climb up the stair and did not think of anything else.

Each movement was important for me. And I again realized how miraculous our bodies and minds are! The synchrony between them is realized when either of them faces a problem.

Later, by introspection, I found what was limiting me for so long. It was neither symptoms of MS nor the stair without a railing. But it was fear. The fears that we don’t face become our limits. So, the internal factor had controlled me so far. Fearlessness can be its own form of power.

Ishita Parekh

Ishita is from Valsad, Gujarat, India. She is a physiotherapist and now a yoga practitioner. She was diagnosed with MS in 2008. She came to Pune, Maharashtra to learn yoga in 2017 and has lived independently ever since. She wants to spread a message to go beyond fear and grab the opportunity to know the miraculous creation, our body, mind and self.

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