Daily strategies for living well with MS.


Understanding through images

Illustrating life with MS.

Brooke Pelczynski

Q+A with Brooke Pelczynski: Art + MS

An interview with Brooke Pelczynski, creator of the Momentum cover illustration showing how depression affects… Read More


It’s your community, too

People with disabilities encounter obstacles and opportunities in the cities where they live.

Coming to America

People with MS who immigrate to the United States encounter new experiences surrounding their disease.

Finding a caregiver

What to look for when hiring someone to help.

For a type-A athlete, a new normal

After my MS diagnosis, I’m learning to slow down.

New ways of creating

The beauty in deterioration. And the joy in laughter.

Artist Lydia Emily painting

Behind the video: We Believe

Explore the creation of the Society’s newest “We Believe” video.


Still dope

The women of WeAreILLmatic portray a powerful MS community.

Gina Daddazio

On the move

Assistive devices can help people with MS stay active. But learning to accept them can… Read More

MS through the ages

How you experience MS may depend on how old you are and your diagnosis date…. Read More

Lighten the load

Adaptive tools can make things a little easier when you’re living with multiple sclerosis.

You want to know what?

People with MS get a lot of questions. Here’s how you can answer — or… Read More

Season of giving

Readers living with MS share the best gifts they’ve ever received

Struggling to stay standing

I’ll be on my feet as long as I can.

My own therapy

Button artwork is a creative outlet and a source of joy for me.