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Your MS, your body.


New MS treatment guidelines

Winter 2018-19

Updated recommendations aim to give you a bigger say in how you manage your disease.

Judy Boone

Exercising your options

Winter 2018-19

Physical activity may help ease MS symptoms.

new phase

A new phase

Winter 2018-19

A diagnosis of secondary progressive MS can be scary, but there are strategies to help you live a full life.

What exactly does a healthy diet look like?

Fall 2018

Learn what—and how much—to eat, as well as what foods to avoid.

scale with apple and hamburger

Weighing a healthy diet

Fall 2018

Eating well could be a big step toward feeling well.

Donna Rice

MS fatigue

Fall 2018

It’s the most common symptom of the disease, but there are ways to manage it.

Chuck Knight

Thriving in harmony

Summer 2018

Music therapy might help ease MS symptoms.

Out-stressing stress

Summer 2018

How to identify and manage the tension MS might cause.

Photographer Andrezza Haddaway captures the pain of an MS hug

Strange sensation

Spring 2018

There are several ways to ease the symptoms of MS hug.

Phone and tablet apps for MS

Tracking your health

Spring 2018

Apps can help you keep track of symptoms, physical activity and more.

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